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    A Woman in Berlin is a collaboration between myself and Kira Jacobsen. We set out to tell a story about what happens to a person when they are stripped from civilization’s order and structure. I have always been impressed by the raw human environment of post-apocalyptic fiction. Kira introduced me to the true story of A Woman in Berlin, and I immediately recognized the power of a true story that follows a woman in dire circumstance who has to choose to survive.


        A piano version of A Woman in Berlin was chosen to be performed by the BYU-Idaho Opera Scenes Ensemble, and has since been orchestrated for Kevin's recital.

       Kīra Jacobsen graduated with a B.A. in English from BYU–Idaho in December 2014. Her emphasis was creative writing. Poetry is her primary genre. She is also a theatre-hobbyist who dabbles in playwriting. A libretto combined her interests because it is part drama, part poetry. Kīra inherited her passion for history and interest in the Second World War from her father. She had written World War II-themed poems previous to writing the libretto for A Woman in Berlin which was inspired by the German memoir and film of the same name. Kīra was honored to collaborate with Kevin on this one-act opera, and is pleased to have it featured in his senior recital.

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